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16 Avril 2017, 20:39pm

Publié par Harold Prince

Las Vegas, known around the world for its gambling, started out in 1905 as a small railroad town. It was 1931 when casino gambling became legal that the city began to grow. Today over thirty seven million people visit Las Vegas each year. Vegas is also know to have the most elite shopping places and wild, exotic night life.

Slot Machines, one of most well known forms of gambling, abound every where in Vegas. These machines are the easiest to play, as they do not require any gambling knowledge. With the advancement of technology you can now insert your credit card into the slot and make your bet, leaving you free from carry cash around. Casino owners love the slot machines, as they bring in eighty percent of their revenue.

Blackjack/Twenty-one is the most popular and the easiest card game to learn in Vegas. Players do not play against each other, but against the dealer.

Roulette, is a simple game to learn and is very easy to play. Roulette is a game of chance there is no formula for this game. You are simply guessing on what number or color will hit and betting on it.

Craps, is a very intimidating dice game. Craps is not an easy game to learn, however it is one of the most exciting of all the table games.

Video Poker has grown in popularity since being introduced in the early 1980’s. It is played on a machine, resembling a slot machine. that uses video technology to create a poker hand in which you bet on.

Oh, remember, “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”.

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16 Avril 2017, 20:37pm

Publié par Harold Prince

Everyone has made some big mistakes in their life.

The one I’m about to refer to isn’t that bad, but it still bothers me and is something I have been thinking about for eight years now. I will most likely continue to think about it for many years to come. The only way to erase the memory will be to somehow get myself into a similar situation and make a different decision.

I’m referring to a poker tournament that took place at The Tropicana. It was a $110 buy-in on a Friday night. I felt so bad for leaving my girlfriend home alone, especially since we always had a deal to hang out with each other on the weekends. So, I knew I had to make it worthwhile. There were about 165 players in the tournament. Some were very good, some were terrible, and most were in-between. I probably fell into the in-between category. My game plan was to only play monsters until the blinds got high, then attack.

I spent more time watching the clock and eliminations than I did the felt.

I won some big all-ins when it was down to 20 players and eventually made the final table of 9. I was so excited when they had a separate table roped off and people watching from behind a glass window. I couldn’t believe I had made it. There was only one possible scenario that would be worse than losing, and it happened. The guy with the smallest stack asked for a 9-way chop. The first guy hesitantly said yes. I knew this was bad because he was a local pro. If he said no, others would follow. And they did. I was in seat 7 and the six players before me also agreed to chop. Not wanting to be the only dissenter, I agreed. I took home $2,000. Pretty good for the investment, but that $2,000 is now long gone and I will never know if I could have won that tournament.

If you ever find yourself in a similar situation, don’t chop it. Being a champion is more important than the money.


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16 Avril 2017, 20:34pm

Publié par Harold Prince

Have you ever asked for advice from a dealer in a casino?  These employees have been trained in the procedures of the games so they know what they are talking about.  They can give you tips but don’t expect them to tell you what type of strategy to use for a certain game.

You might find just the opposite of what they tell you to be correct.

Any gambler who takes a seat at a table game should already have a basic strategy in his head.  With this, he should be able to lower the house edge to a minimum if he knows what he is doing. Never sit at a game relying on others to help you decide what to do next.  They might tell you something that will benefit them and not your bankroll.

Gambling is putting your money at risk so reading and watching are two resources that will teach you something about the game.  To better your odds, you must reduce the house edge so take time to educate yourself before you step into a casino.  Keep in mind that old saying that says, free advice is only worth the money you paid for it, and this could not be more true.

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